Bucket of Beans

Bucket of Beans

Social Anthropology

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  • Reciprocity screenshot where you get some beans back after the disaster
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Bucket of Beans is a trading game designed to help students understand the idea of reciprocity. Beans are the currency in this game. You could choose to share your wealth or save for a rainy day. However, when that rainy day comes, your past decisions may have unexpected consequences.


  • Developed By: EGC, ETS
  • Developed For: Erick Rochette
  • Technology: Flash
  • Database:
  • Compatibility: desktop browsers
  • Date Developed: Fall 2011
  • Languages: English
  • Course: ANTH 011


  • Give and Receive. You can choose to make up to ten trades in two rounds.
  • Reciprocity. When a disaster strikes, will you be wiped out, and if so, will your past generosity help you in your time of need.