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In EconU players build and maintain a university while demonstrating knowledge of the following key microeconomic concepts:

  • elasticity
  • trade offs
  • demand/supply
  • total revenue
  • costs
  • diminishing returns
  • scale
  • efficiencies
  • externalities

The goal of EconU is to keep money, population, and happiness as high as possible over the course of one hundred turns. Each factor is dependent upon the others. Avoid bankruptcy by making well educated decisions on every turn.


  • Developed By: EGC, ETS
  • Developed For: Dirk Mateer, Dave Brown
  • Technology: FLAG Game Engine (HTML5)
  • Database: SQL
  • Compatibility: desktop browsers
  • Date Developed: Fall 2012
  • Languages: English
  • Course: ECON 102


  • Customize your campus to follow your personal vision. Will your University be the world’s greatest party school, an athletic powerhouse, or an elite research institution? The choice is yours.
  • Define and Adjust your policies to keep your University fiscally sound, while keeping your population happy. Every decision you make will impact your success including what you charge for tuition and what buildings you choose to build.
  • Respond to the unexpected. Even the most careful planner will have to deal with unexpected events. These events can be both good or bad. For example, you may receive a large cash donation or government may cut your funding. You must be ready to respond.
  • In Game Trophies not only measure your accomplishments, but they also add a visual flair to your campus.