Time and Patients

Time and Patients

Health Policy Administration

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In Time and Patients, players manage a struggling walk in clinic. Their task is to repair the inefficiencies that currently exist. To do this, they must examine both the A.M. and P.M. shifts for each day of the week in order to identify a set of unique problems. Each shift has four goals including profit, throughput time, patient satisfaction and minimizing walkouts. A player has successfully repaired a shift when all four goals have met or surpassed the target threshold. To navigate the clinic towards the goals, players have several tools at their disposal including hiring and scheduling staff, adjusting options to the physical clinic, and reviewing both weekly and shift reports.


  • Developed By: EGC, ETS
  • Developed For: Jonathan Clark, Wendy Mahan
  • Technology: FLAG Game Engine (HTML5)
  • Database: SQL
  • Compatibility: desktop browsers
  • Date Developed: Summer 2013
  • Languages: English
  • Course: HPA 897A


  • Follow the Clues. When you start off, your clinic is a mess. Watch the shift replays or study reports to find out what to fix and what is working well.
  • Staff Up. Hire and schedule your employees based on the needs of each shift. Determine who is most qualified by reviewing resumes and post-shift performance reports.
  • Make Your Clinic Your Own. A wide range of amenities are available to help you maximize your space. Little things can make a big difference when it comes to making patients happy.