HTML5 Game Creation Tools
FLAG is an HTML5 game engine built to run 2D games on any HTML5 compatible device. Included in FLAG is the Box2D physics engine. Together with POLE, a browser based editor, and WIND, a dedicated metrics and events system, FLAG is a complete HTML5 game creation solution.
WAVES We want you to get started using FLAG as quickly and as easily as possible. Sure, you can read the documentation, but wouldn't it be easier if you could see some examples? That's what WAVES are! These short examples will cover a variety of mechanics that you can use for your games. We will be updating these often, so check back frequently. Also, if there is some kind of unique problem you are trying to solve, and you think others might benefit from the solution, feel free to contact us and we can create a custom WAVE demonstrating the solution. Thanks for trying FLAG, and we can't wait to see your games!
Creative Commons License
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